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Lexi's Nottinghamshire

Picture of a big oak tree Picture of Retford Turks Head
Picture of Scrooby Church Picture of Lexi's Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Nottinghamshire - a county in the Midlands - 140 miles north of London

Retford - a market town and Lexi's home town. Has a gorgeous park part of which is in the center of Lexi's gardens.

The Turks Head Pub - in the town of retford and the "home" of Lexi's family and friends since 1913

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem - the oldes inn in England. Built into the rocks on top of which sits Nottingham Castle - the home of the Sherrif of Notingham and 30 miles from lexi's home town.

Sherwood Forest - the home of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. The Major Oak is a 500 year old oak tree and the home of Robin Hood in the forest. 5 Miles form Lexi's home town

Scrooby Village - The American Heritage Trail - a village 3 miles from Lexi's home town. The Pilgrim Fathers pub. Scrooby village church where william Brewster and the "founding fathers" met regularly and from where they to go to Plymouth to board the Mayflower.

King Richard lll - Richard the Lionheart - Robin Hood's King and Richard's brother King John was in league with the sheriff of Nottingham. Play GREEDY here :)