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Intimate Moments



Intimate Moments is located on the Dolce Vita sim and is a small but growing entity with a great deal to offer their patrons...for a short list...they have:

• A lovely romanesque dance floor with great music at all times, and at least once a day, a great DJ or singer to entertain you! An updated event’s list is always available!
• A small but classy mall, offering the best in everything from poses, hair and homes…to elegant or sassy haute couture and more! There are also places to sit, relax and just pass some time!
• Gardens surrounding our club that offer lovely little places for a romantic get away with a variety of intimate pose balls that have to be explored to be enjoyed! From high atop our lighthouse, to secluded secret gardens…special places abound…and just for our patrons!
• A romantic, languid Gondola ride waits for you and your love to enjoy… something a little different, relaxing and fun before or after dancing n our lovely club!
• Hill sides, mountain caves, a light house, a hidden private garden, an intimate gazebo over the water, the landscape is peppered with unusual little retreats…again, for that romantic getaway…you only to find them all! And it does take some walkabouts to discover the many locations!
• Beautiful, themed, Wedding chapels to rent when you finally commit to that one and only…where you can set up what you want… or we can relieve you of the stress and help you ‘make it happen!’
• Private and ‘extremely’ romantic fantasy suites that you can rent by the minute or hour…and where you can really make your dreams come true!