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About Ned

Second Life

I joined Second Life on September 15, 2007. A friend introduced me to it and I thought it would be a way to adverise the e-commerce business I was trying to start at the time. Ultimately, the business wasn't successful, but I discovered I could work in Second Life.

My first job was dancing as a night club. It wasn't the best job, but they didn't require experience. Then I moved to managing a wedding mall. It was owned by the same people that owned the night club, so when a friend and I tried to start our own club, I had to quit the night club and the wedding mall.

Although the club we tried to start never, "took off," it did give me the chance to learn how to DJ. To save money, the owners learned how to DJ. I started with the music I ripped from my CD collection and an old copy of streaming software I found online.


Real Life

In real life, I am 38 years old. I was born with a physical disability called Celebral Palsy. It affects my ability to control certian muscles. I use a power wheelchair to get around and I have to use my left arm and hand for everything. Dispite my Celebral Palsy, I live on my own and I have had regular, full time jobs.